How to Get the Perfect Baby Photo

A baby photo is a beautiful and heartwarming image. These photos are usually taken for families who have recently welcomed a new addition to their family. These are often posed images that capture the sweet and hopeful moment that brought the baby into the world.

Posed newborn photos are typically shot within the first two weeks of life. This is because babies at this time are still sleepy and curled up in the foetal position that they were in the womb, which allows for a great variety of poses. After the two week mark babies start to uncurl, stretch and become more alert. This can sometimes make posing them more difficult.

During a session it is important to exhaust all angles and perspectives that you can think of before moving on to a different pose or setup. This helps ensure that you have a wide range of images to choose from when creating an album or print product for the parents. Taking the time to explore all sides of your setup and find unique views that may not be obvious to the client can yield some gorgeous and unique photos.

If the client has siblings, it is a great idea to include them in some of the shots. This can help capture the sibling relationship and their love for the baby, which is a great way to show the bond that will last a lifetime. It is also a fun way to get natural and candid shots of the children together. At around six months, the baby will likely be sitting independently which is a fun milestone to celebrate and can result in some adorable photographs.

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