52 Dad Jokes For Kids

Whether your children are 5, 15, or somewhere in between, they will love these dad jokes. Even if they roll their eyes, the goofy puns and plays on words will still make them laugh. And if you’re lucky, they may just start telling their own dad jokes.

A good joke can lighten up the mood of a cranky toddler or brighten up a gloomy teenager. Having a few of these kid-friendly jokes up your sleeve can make you feel like a comedian (or at least a really funny dad).

You know a joke is a dad joke when it has that cheesiness that makes you laugh and cringe at the same time. It’s the kind of joke you tell when everyone’s gathered around, and you’re just waiting for them to say “rolls eyes” so you can finish the joke.

Dad jokes are often more embarrassing than funny, but that’s the whole point of them. They teach kids to be a little less uptight and have a sense of humor about themselves and other people, and they’re also a great way to bond with your children. Plus, research shows that kids who hear a lot of dad jokes grow up to have a higher tolerance for embarrassment. That’s a good thing, right? Jay K. Payleitner is the author of 52 Things Kids Need from Their Dads and a fathering advocate. He lives in Illinois with his wife and five children. dad jokes for kids

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