AFB Platinum MERV 13 Furnace Air Filter

The AFB Platinum MERV 13 furnace / air filter is a hospital-grade filter that provides the highest level of filtration while still allowing traditional HVAC units to work properly. Its purpose is to remove very fine particles from the air, which could include allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

The MERV 13 air filter carries an efficiency rating based on the ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2. It is manufactured with 100% synthetic media and features an engineered gradient structure that is ideal for fighting airborne particles. Its design also includes expanded metal reinforcement laminated on the air-exit side.

The Aerostar 16x25x1 AC Furnace Air Filter is 16 x 25 x 1 inches in size and has 16x25x1 air filter merv 13 rating. It is similar in size to the 3M Filtrete MPR 1500 to 1900 Ultimate Allergen Defense and the Honeywell Allergen Elite FPR 10. The filter is high quality and manufactured in the USA.

This MERV 13 filter is a superior home air filter that can remove the majority of common airborne allergens. It can eliminate most dust, mold, and spores. It can also remove tobacco smoke and most hair spray. It is also ideal for commercial buildings.

The 16x25x1 air filter has a MERV 13 filter efficiency rating, which makes it an excellent choice for HVAC systems. The size is suitable for furnaces and A/C units and provides protection from dust, lint, and debris. The design also reduces airflow drag, which is vital for improving indoor air quality.

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