Angel Figurines From Top-Rated Suppliers

Whether you are searching for a cherub gift for a friend or a praying angel figurine for your home, there is an assortment of unique figurines available to suit your needs. Browse our selection of wholesale figurines from top-rated suppliers!

Through simple gestures, Willow Tree angel sculptures tell a story. They bring healing and comfort to those who have lost loved ones, and encourage us to treasure our relationships with friends and family.

Angel Statues

We supply a wide range of angel statues to decorate your home, Church, or Shrine. Choose from standing, kneeling, or praying angels. Our collection also includes angel baby gifts for new babies, sympathy and bereavement angels for those who have experienced loss, and Christmas angels for your holiday decorating needs.

Mily Factory is a company that is famous for its heart-carrying, weeping and guardian angel statues, all of which are very popular. To make an angel statue, the artists would first carefully select the block of marble purchased and then concentrate all their attention on carving, not letting go of any detail.

We can supply these sculptures by sea(special for life size sculptures) and express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx. This way is fast and can save lots of handling fees in port.

Angels with Instruments

Add a touch of serenity to your holiday display with these angels that play musical instruments. This set of hand-painted resin angels includes one with a trumpet, another playing a violin and the last holding a harp.

These elegant angels are crafted from polyresin and come in a box for easy storage and shipping. They are a great gift idea for family and friends.

These angels with bowed instruments are made in Xi’an, the city that was once the starting point of the Silk Road and is now best known for its buried Terracotta Warriors. They are high-quality and professional, and have the classic shape of old-fashioned violins. These angels are a perfect addition to any music themed room or collection. They make a great gift for anyone who enjoys music or is a musician themselves.

Angels with Wings

The wings of angels represent both their ability to fly and their celestial nature. They’re also a symbol of their love and protection for humans. In popular culture, many believe that angels must earn their wings. But there’s no evidence that this is true in the Bible or any other religious text.

The Bible describes some members of God’s divine council as winged: Cherubim and seraphim. But most angels are described as looking like ordinary humans, unless they choose to reveal themselves through brightness or radiance.

Whether or not angels have wings, they’re usually depicted as having feathers. According to the Bible, these feathers are white. In the TV show Supernatural, Misha Collins stated that he considers Castiel’s wings to be rainbow-colored. But in the past, he’s been referred to as having hot pink and sparkly wings.

Angels with Hearts

Our angels with hearts are a beautiful way to send a message of love or sympathy. They are perfect for new baby gifts, baptism gifts, or for those who have lost someone close to them. Many of our angels can be personalized with a special name or date.

Each angel is made with passion & purpose to bring a energy that can be felt immediately. Each piece is signed & numbered, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Our collection includes a variety of angel themed gift products, such as angel design motto plaques, angel baby gifts, sympathy and bereavement gifts, earth angel and guardian angel gifts, and more. We also have a wide selection of angel christmas gifts and ornaments. These items are a great way to celebrate any occasion.

Angels with Crowns

Embroidered angels with crowns make a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list. These heavenly figures symbolize the angels’ role of guarding and guiding human behavior. They are also great gifts for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion.

In orthodox iconography the circular ring over saints’ heads is known as a halo, though it is more properly a nimbus. It represents the light shining in a holy life. The nimbus is a very powerful symbol and it is not simply figurative.

The warehouse of Angels Costumes in Hendon is a treasure trove of period costumes. You can read ledgers listing the waist and leg measurements for actors in Victorian melodramas, while in the costume cutting room you might see Sean Bean’s Sharpe jacket (Angels is proud of the way it recycles costumes). In the collections there are a number of angels with crowns.

Angels with Flowers

Angels with flowers make beautiful home decor accessories and gifts. These heavenly creatures symbolize the idea of eternal life and the ability to pass on love and wisdom to others. They also serve as a reminder to keep your faith and be thankful for what you have in life. Angels with flowers are a wonderful gift for new babies or baptisms, and they can also be used as sympathy or bereavement gifts.

This elegant angel statue is made of resin and features a graceful body with delicate wings. It is perfect for any home or office. The angel is adorned with pastel colors and flowers, and it has an inspirational message engraved into her dress. The angel is also available in a smaller version.

Angels with Candles

A collection of angels surrounded by candles is a beautiful way to decorate your home or to give as gifts. These figurines can be used as a reminder to pray or as a gift for friends and family members who are in need of healing. This candle is inspired by the stunning trail in Zion National Park, where peace and refuge dwell. With a soothing concerto of warm red sandstone, big sagebrush, and bold amber, this luxurious trail-inspired candle lets you escape to the sanctuary of Angel’s Landing.

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