Best Pick Up Lines For Instant Connections

In the age of apps and swipe right/left dating, it’s important to have a few good pick up lines in your back pocket. These lines help you to quickly and confidently get the conversation started. Whether you’re chatting with a cutie on your favorite dating app or the barista across the table, these flirty one liners will help you to make an instant connection.

The key to a good pickup line is not the specific words you choose, but rather how you deliver them. The best pick up lines are delivered with confidence and an alive sense of playfulness. They also come from a place of authenticity – she should feel that you are truly interested in her and that you want to know more about her. It’s important to avoid using pickup lines that can be interpreted as being clingy or manipulative. Women are used to men objectifying them and trying to get in their pants, so it’s important to not use pickup lines that are sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive.

With that said, here are some of our favorite pick up lines to keep in your arsenal. Keep in mind, though, that the most important element is how you approach her and your body language. If you’re not confident and appear unsure of yourself, even the best pick up lines will fail. Be sure to practice these lines out with friends and practice delivering them with the right energy and tone.

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