Best Time To Visit Kareri Lake

Which is the best time to visit Kareri Lake? If you are planning to visit Kareri Lake,Best Time To Visit Kareri Lake  Articles then the best time to visit here is from May to July and then from September to November. If you want detailed information about the weather of Kareri Lake, then read the complete article given below –


Kareri Lake in Summer

Summer weather is very favorable. Due to which this season is considered to be the best for Kareri Lake trek. The summer season starts from the month of May in this region, and lasts till the middle of July. During May all the snow disappears from the trekking trails, giving a clear view of the landscape. These days you can enjoy the disappearance of lush green plains.

During the trek, you pass through many trials, in which alpine forests with a mix of rhododendron, deodar, spruce and oak trees fascinate you, in such a way you feel yourself lost in nature. It doesn’t work out of a dream. The temperature of the lake usually ranges between 10 and 26 °C during the summer season. However, it can fall further during the night time. There is very little chance of rain in this season, due to which your trekking journey will be very spectacular.


Kareri Lake in Monsoon

The Kareri Lake trek can also be done during the monsoon season. But you must be prepared to face the rain you are going to get during trekking for trekking during monsoons. The peak rainy season in the region usually starts in mid-July and lasts till mid-September. Even in the rainy season, you can experience sub-zero temperatures during the night. Because the temperature remains between 9 to 18 degree Celsius. Due to the rains, more vegetation grows on the sides of the trails. But you cannot camp in the rainy season. Because the stream of water from the hill comes fiercely towards the plain. For accommodation you can stay inside Snow Monk Camp in Kareri Village.


Kareri Lake in Autumn

If you like trekking in the autumn season, then you can go trekking to Kareri Lake in September, and between October and November. These days all the views around the lake become captivating. Due to which the landscape looks more attractive. In autumn the sky is clear, there is very little chance of rain. Pleasant weather makes the experience of a selective adventure travel even better. The nights are extremely cold during September and October. wellness lake garda

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