Breast Milk Storage Bags – How to Use Them Properly

Breast milk storage bags make it easy to keep a stash in the freezer for those times when you need a break or your little one needs some extra nutrition. They help you avoid wasting any of your hard-earned liquid gold and make it easy to transfer directly into bottles when it comes time to feed. Plus, some brands feature encouraging messages on the back to help you stay motivated throughout your pumping journey.

Some breast milk storage bags can be used only once and are sterilized with boiling water and then thrown away, while others are reusable, usually made of silicone that is safe to wash in the sink or top rack of a dishwasher. They’re often available with a bottle adapter so you can pump directly into them, making it even easier to save time and avoid the extra step of transferring from bottle to bag.

When choosing a breast milk storage bag, look for a durable design that won’t tear or leak. The seal should also be firm to prevent air leaks and ensure the contents are secure. Also, make sure the bags are BPA-free and food grade.

Another important tip when using breast milk storage bags is to make sure they are properly filled and labeled before freezing. Make sure the bag isn’t filled past the measurement indicator line and always clearly label the date, amount, and your baby’s name, especially if you plan on storing it in the freezer for longer periods of time or transporting it to daycare or a sitter. how to use breast milk storage bags

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