Buying Dental Supplies Online

The goal of most dental practices is to offer a high level of service that patients expect, while staying within a tight budget. That means trimming back on expenses like payroll and equipment maintenance, and reducing the amount spent on supplies.

As a result, many dentists are looking for alternative suppliers online to save time and money. While there are plenty of benefits to buying supplies online, it’s also important for clinicians to do their research and ensure the platforms they work with — such as Supply Clinic, Net32 and others — are legitimate. They should also make sure to look at the product listings to see if they are accredited distributors of products.

One of the biggest advantages to buying dental supplies online is the convenience of having an inventory management system that streamlines purchasing and ordering. These systems often track inventories, manage orders and facilitate reordering to help dental offices avoid running out of supplies, which is critical for optimum patient care.

In addition, many online suppliers offer the option to buy dental supplies in bulk. Buying in larger quantities can significantly reduce the cost of common items such as aprons, gloves, cups and sponges. Additionally, it can reduce waste by helping to eliminate overbuying and unnecessary stockpiling.

While certain dental supplies must be disposable for sanitary reasons, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce waste by switching to washable and reusable items. Dentists should consider CDC guidelines for sterilization and heat tolerance as they explore their options.

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