Choosing a Camper AC

The right camper ac is essential to keeping your travel trailer cool and comfortable on the road. You’ll need to choose a unit that fits your space, your budget and the layout of your RV. It’s also important to keep your AC well-maintained, which will help extend its lifespan and performance. To do this, make sure you know what kind of refrigerant it uses (consult its instructions) and that you have the tools you need to replace or repair parts. It’s also a good idea to bring a digital thermometer along with you on the road, as this can be helpful in diagnosing problems like slow coolant leaks.

Another consideration for choosing an RV ac unit is whether or not it will work with your current ducting system. Ducted units pass air through the existing ducting systems in your RV’s ceiling, walls and floors, while non-ducted units operate independently of a rig’s ducting system. This means that a ducted ac unit will be the best choice for larger RVs or those with multiple living spaces, while non-ducted options are ideal for smaller RVs and mobile homes.

One final thing to consider when choosing a camper ac is its noise level. Some ac units are very loud and can be a distraction while driving or entertaining guests. Choosing a quieter unit will ensure that you can have conversations or even sleep soundly on the road. norcold refrigerators

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