Cloud Gavel and FusionStak – How Cloud Gavel Helps Public Safety Agencies Execute Search Warrants

Cloud Gavel is a software application that helps public safety agencies in processing and executing search warrants. The application provides a seamless workflow to help officers log their requests on-duty and submit them to an on-call judge for review. This process helps to save countless hours and days of lost officer work by enabling them to focus on apprehension and conviction of criminals instead of paperwork.

It also helps in reducing unplanned overtime spent on processing paperwork and enables officers to deploy resources efficiently during times of limited tax revenue or budget restrictions. Its eWarrant solution offers state-approved warrant forms, location-based analysis, a dashboard to view active warrants and other features.

The software also enables law enforcement to share arrest and bench warrants by linking them to the Arrest Warrant Xchange platform. This helps to improve collaboration across agencies and ensures the accuracy of information shared. It also allows officers to access the platform from their mobile devices to review pending warrants.

The company also provides a suite of other software applications for legal professionals, including document assembly and automation, client portals and white labeling. These help clients to manage their case by providing a single point of contact and automated workflows to collect client intake data, set up robust nested conditional logic and numerical and date calculations.

FusionStak is led by a dynamic group of industry veterans with a passion for public safety. The team has a proven track record of building cost-effective solutions for law enforcement and judiciary customers. cloud gavel

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