EV Charger Manufacturers

As electric vehicle adoption accelerates, companies scramble to build out charging stations to support the new demand. The list of EV charger manufacturers below features companies with established EV charging station networks, as well as those that offer hardware and software to support EVs and their owners.

One of the most well-known EV Charger Manufacturers, Tesla offers a full suite of Level 2 EV charging stations that provide up to 25 miles per hour of range for compatible vehicles. Their simple designs are centered on ease of use, while also providing users with the ability to track usage and monitor load.

ABB is not a household name, but the Swiss-Swedish multinational company’s reputation as a titan in power generation equipment strongly informs their foray into EV charging solutions. Their EV charging units are designed to integrate seamlessly with utility power systems for robust functionality. Their offerings include home, workplace, and public charging stations.

Siemens is a global engineering giant that specializes in power and energy technologies. Their foray into EV charging stations includes both AC and DC solutions that can be used in residential, commercial, and public settings. Their units feature intuitive operation and sophisticated networking and access controls to give operators control of their charging network.

Founded in 2010, EVBox is an innovative company that designs flexible, modular EV charging stations. They manufacture their own charging hardware, and their products undergo rigorous testing and pre-compliance prior to mass manufacturing. EVBox also provides custom EV charging design, development, and integration to meet individual customer needs. EV Charger Manufacturers

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