Finding a Moving Company in Berlin

When moving within Berlin, a professional umzugsunternehen berlin can help you lighten the

load by taking care of the heavy lifting. You can easily find and book trusted local

movers on our marketplace in just five minutes. Compare their real-time hourly

pricing and availability and read their customer reviews. You can even get a free

quote for your move to see how much it will cost. Whether you need help packing

and unpacking, loading and unloading a truck or moving container or just need help

lifting heavy furniture, the local movers on our platform are ready to provide you

with professional service for your home or office move.

The city of Berlin is one of the most popular places to live for young professionals

and students. It is a cosmopolitan & vibrant metropolis and offers an excellent

quality of life for its residents. The capital of Germany is a hub for the areas of

creative and cultural industries as well as the biotechnology, medical and

information technology sectors. It is also an important transport & moving hub for

European air and rail traffic.

There are 96 districts in the city, each with its own charm. For example, the

Kreuzberg district is known for its original street cafes, second-hand shops and

kebab stands, while the Friedrichshain district has an abundance of trendy bars and


With so many options for residential and commercial moves, it is important to

choose a reputable moving company in Berlin. There are a number of international

moving companies in the city, but you can also choose a local service to take care of

your relocation. You should contact a few moving companies to see what their

quotes are for your move and ask them about their experience and services.

The international moving company DB Schenker was founded in 1865 in Berlin and

has locations throughout Europe and the world. They are a member of IAM with 119

years of service and accredited by FIDI. They offer a door-to-door service that starts

with an onsite survey and includes packing services using specialist cartons. They

will arrange transportation by road, sea or air and assist with customs clearance and


Another option for international relocations is the Confern group of 60 German

moving companies that work together to deliver national and international moves.

They are a member of IAM and accredited by FIDI and they will handle the entire

process from preparing an estimate to unpacking at the new location. They will even

assemble and dismantle furniture and provide cleaning services and storage

solutions for your belongings.

Another international moving company is Rosebrock. They were founded in the USA

in 1996 and have an extensive global network of logistics agents to support

international moves. They can provide a bespoke service for both domestic and

commercial moves and will provide a pre-move consultation and an onsite survey.

They will then pack your belongings using high-quality packaging materials and

provide an inventory with real-time tracking and reporting. They can arrange

transportation via road, sea and air and will take care of customs clearance,

paperwork and insurance.

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