Fire Water Pump – The Differences Between Fire Pumps and Water Pumps

When it comes to fire fighting, a good water pump is essential. It’s even more important for those who live far from their local fire station to invest in a high pressure fire fighting hose and pump so they can be prepared to fight a fire on their property. It is also important to know that there are differences between a fire pump and a water pump, so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

A fire water pump is specifically designed to handle fire suppression, which is done by spraying the water on to the fire. A fire pump is not the same as a regular water pump because it has to meet strict codes and regulations in order to be used for firefighting. A fire water pump has to be tested and inspected annually in order to comply with these codes and regulations.

It is crucial for the fire water pumps to have a high maximum head, as this determines how much pressure it can generate when using the pump. The maximum head is determined by the total dynamic head, which is calculated by multiplying the GPM by 60.

The best fire water pumps for sale come with a stainless steel body to prevent corrosion, along with a ceramic carbon mechanical seal for longevity. A diesel engine provides the power to get the job done quickly, and a heavy duty steel frame protects the pump from damage during transportation.

A high quality fire pump will have a recoil start, and is suitable for use in the following applications: water transfer, boom spraying, drainage and stock watering. It can also be used to supply fire fighting equipment, such as a fire hydrant or foam tank.

Before a fire water pump can be activated, it has to be primed. To do this, the operator will open a valve between the tank and the pump with an electric switch. Once this is done, the operator can then turn on the pump and begin discharging water into a hose. The hoses are typically color-coded to make it easier for the operator to identify which hose is which.

A garden hose is about 30-40PSI, so you can imagine how much more power and force a specialized fire pump will have when compared to this. This is why it is so important for anyone who plans on purchasing a fire water pump to work with an expert to ensure that they get the right water pump and hose for their specific requirements. This will help them to avoid any costly mistakes and get the most out of their investment. The more they use their fire water pump, the better and safer it will be. The right fire water pump for you will be the one that meets all your needs and allows you to keep yourself and your family safe from dangerous and deadly fires. To learn more about fire water pumps and how to select the perfect one for your property, contact us today!

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