Flat Head Socket Screws

Flat Head Socket Screws
As their name suggests, flat head socket cap screws feature a flat, countersunk head that sits flush with the surface it fastens to post-installation. This helps keep dust and dirt off the fastener, which is especially beneficial in environments where contaminants like oil or air can cause corrosion. These versatile and robust fasteners are found in a wide variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Energy and Aerospace where they can provide both strength and precision.

They have an internal hex drive built into their heads, so they are able to be tightened and loosened using a standard Allen wrench or hex key. This drive style also helps them resist cam-out, which can occur when fasteners are under high stress or vibration for extended periods of time.

The head height on these fasteners is only about half the length of their shank, so they are far smaller in overall size than hex bolts and nuts. This makes them ideal for use in applications where there may not be sufficient room to maneuver a conventional nut and bolt.

These fasteners are made from durable alloy steel, which is heat-treated to ensure they deliver a high level of tensile strength. This gives them the ability to handle extreme pressure, heat and corrosion. Their high tensile strength also means that fewer socket caps are needed in a design to achieve specific clamp loads, which can help reduce the overall weight of your finished product. Flat Head Socket Screws

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