Ghana, a Country in West Africa

Ghana is situated in West Africa and boundaries Cote de Voire or Ivory Coast. It’s additionally encircled by little nations like Togo toward the north, Burkina Faso toward the West and the Gulf of Guinea toward the south. It used to be administered by domains before colonization.The nation’s name signifies ‘Fighter King’ and comes from an antiquated realm. It likewise turned into the main country in Africa to get freedom from the British back in 1957.

Ghana is one of the nations in Africa that have accomplished political solidness for quite a while and held tranquil decisions guaranteeing smooth exchange of capacity to different pioneers. It’s exceptional with assets and tops as world gold maker. The nation likewise sends out cocoa, lumber, precious stone, manganese, bauxite and power. It additionally has an oil field answered to contain around 3 billion barrels of light oil that was found in 2007 and the nation undertakings to begin creating it for business administrations before the year’s over 2010.

Ghana is home to worldwide pioneers like the previous Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan and International Criminal court judge, Akua Kuenyehia. Previous president Jerry Rawlings has been the executive of Economic Community of West African States. The travel industry is likewise a major appreciation for the country. Guests can watch elephants at the popular Mole National Park or Visit Lake Volta, the world’s biggest counterfeit lake. Kruger National Park has one of the most incredible verdure. Asafo African flags of the Fante The Ghanaians’ are exceptionally presumed for their ability in the material business. Guests can attempt the customary Ashanti stately material known as Kente.

Dickson is the Chief Tour Guide and one of the Directors of Adventure Africa Expedition, he has gone in numerous nations in Africa where he constructed the soul of experience and found nature stowed away ponders in particularly custom fitted strolling trails like in Kisoro in Rwanda and Bwindi in Uganda both for Gorilla following. For more data on his work

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