Gluten Free Brownies

Gluten free brownies are an easy way to satisfy a chocolate craving without having to bake from scratch. This recipe is so delicious that it rivals store-bought mixes, and you can customize the flavor by using your favorite chocolate or mixing in extra add-ins like peanut butter or chips! This is a great recipe to have on hand for unexpected guests who need a gluten-free dessert.

The best gluten-free brownie mix starts with high-quality ingredients, so we recommend shopping for your favorite GF flour blend and unsweetened cocoa powder at your local grocery store or specialty baking shop. Having the right cocoa powder is especially important because it is what gives baked goods their deep, rich chocolate flavor. If you want your brownies to be even more decadent, try adding in a cup of chocolate chips!

You’ll also need eggs, butter (or dairy-free butter), and vanilla extract for this recipe. The eggs help bind the other ingredients together, and the butter helps the brownies to rise and bake properly. To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend using a food scale.

If you have a GF flour blend that you’re particularly fond of, try substituting it for the gfJules flour in this recipe. Keep in mind that not all GF flour blends are created equal, so your results may vary slightly depending on which brand you choose.

To achieve the most fudgy gluten free brownies, it’s important to stop stirring the batter once you’ve added in the gfJules flour. Over-stirring can lead to air being incorporated into the brownie batter, which will result in cakey brownies.

Using a light-colored pan will also help prevent overbaking, which is another common problem with brownies. Light-colored pans reflect the heat of the oven more evenly, which will prevent the edges of the brownie from burning before the center is set.

For a little extra added sweetness, you can drizzle the top of the brownies with melted butter. This is optional, but it does give the brownies a nice, glossy sheen. You can also frost the brownies with a layer of chocolate frosting for an extra-indulgent treat.

These chewy, deeply chocolatey, crinkly topped gluten free brownies are sure to impress. They’re made with a lot of cocoa powder, only a small amount of GF flour, and have that irresistible crinkly texture that people can’t resist!

You can serve these brownies plain or with a topping, such as fresh strawberries or raspberries, or you can make them a bit more special by serving them with a layer of chocolate frosting. To keep the brownies fresh, you can wrap them tightly and freeze them for up to two months. Just be sure to wrap them well before freezing, or they’ll develop a freezer burn texture and taste less than ideal. gluten free brownies

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