Healing Codes – How to Use Them to Heal Yourself and Your Loved Ones, Safely, Effectively, and Naturally!

The Healing Codes are an amazing discovery whose time has come. They empower people with a powerful new tool to heal themselves and their loved ones, safely, effectively, and naturally – without pills or supplements or even a scalpel!

The Codes are a form of energy healing. They are a series of sequences of simple hand positions that activate one or more of four healing centers located in the head and neck. The Codes create an energetic healing system that neutralizes the stress in the body that causes illness. They do this by identifying and healing the negative frequencies of these cellular memories, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

They are the only process that has been proven to neutralize the underlying cause of physical, emotional and mental health issues, and they work for every kind of pain, disease, or problem imaginable. Thousands of lives have been transformed by The Codes, and they can transform your life too!

Identify your primary issue and do the Code for that problem, following the instructions in Phase One of this manual. Repeat the process until that issue is fully healed. Next, focus on a different primary issue and follow the steps in the Code for that issue. Repeat the process until all 12 primary issues are healed. The chart beginning on page 143 will help you locate the category that contains your issue.

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