History of Asbestos: From 300 BC Right up to the present day


The recorded history of asbestos begins with Teofastro, a pupil of Aristotle, which depicted this material in his work of art, “Of the stones,” expounded on 300 B.C. Afterward, in the primary 100 years, the geographer Strabo restricted the principal store being mined to produce flame resistant attire on the island of Euboea. Dioscorides, a Greek doctor contemporary of Strabo, makes reference to in his book “De Materia Medica” works of art and recyclable scarves that were given to the crowd from the theater (this was on the grounds that the asbestos scarves were effortlessly cleaned and brightened with fire so it could bereuse in another capability).

It likewise shows other utilization of asbestos in Cyprus. The creator names the name of the mineral asbestos. Plutarch tells us of theperennial flares that lit the Acropolis growing of lights with asbestos wicks absorbed oil Michel Rolland. One more contemporary essayist of the abovementioned, Pliny the Senior in his “Normal History” was the person who gave the name asbestinon, and that implies inextinguishable or flame resistant and specifies its utilization as a cover for the burning of carcasses.

After the significant stretch in the field of middle age speculative chemistry and wizardry in the late thirteenth 100 years and after a visit to a Chinese mine, Marco Polo returned asbestos to the logical space ordering the material as a stone. In the sixteenth 100 years, Georgious Agricola in his “Composition on Mineralogy” he incorporated a nitty gritty depiction of the various assortments of asbestos and its stores.

The seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years the entire world saw a critical expansion in logical interest in the asbestos (Distributions of the Regal Society in 1660, Honest E. Brückmann in 1727, Martin F. Ledermüller and Torben Bergman). Financial purposes, sporting and even extortion are significantly extended and in 1820 Giovanni Aldini planned asbestos suits for firemen, which is viewed as the main business abuse.

In 1828, section the principal U.S. patent on the utilization of asbestos as protection of steam motors. By 1860 the utilization of asbestos arrives at it’s a greatest as it get their items straightforwardly to be an essential component of fire security in structures, blended in with tar material, flame resistant boards in theaters, etc.

The century closes involving asbestos in safes, in greasing up orientation, linings of boilers, and protection of electrical links and separated juices. The 20th century opened work in the development of the asbestos-concrete blends (first board imagined by Austrian Ludwig Hatschez) and saw a remarkable variety of purposes of asbestos (tiles, wall and roof boards, moldings, boats with plates asbestos and asbestos combinations of plastics buttons, phones and switchboards, vinyl tiles, asbestos cars brake cushions, and so forth.).

It was popular the gigantic Asbestos Man displayed “On the planet Exhibition 1939 New York” that obvious an achievement in the acknowledgment of the handiness of these minerals. WWII implied a huge expansion in utilization of asbestos in military hardware (flame resistant suits, parachute flares, motors, sends and torpedoes and cleans) and resulting remaking drove the last enormous lift in exchange and use (asbestos linings splashed on the steel designs of high rises, flame resistant mailbags, filtration of natural product squeezes, wine and sugar, stitches in a medical procedure, toothpaste, fake snow, and so forth.). In 1973 the U.S. utilization of asbestos crested in history with 1 million tons every year.

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