How to Choose a British Male Voiceover

Choosing the right voice to narrate your commercial, explainer video or eLearning material can have a significant impact on the audience’s perception of your brand. A male voice can convey an air of authority, seriousness and factitiousness, which is why they are often the preferred choice for projects that promote luxury products like cars, yachts or computers, as well as banking services and insurance. But if you want your audience to listen and take action, you’ll need something more than just a deep, masculine timbre.

When looking for a british male voiceover, it’s important to understand the tone you need. For example, a commercial advertising cologne to middle-aged men will need an emotion-filled and convincing tone to convince the audience that your product is worth buying, whereas an explainer video on how to mount a TV on the wall might be better suited for a casual, conversational tone with subtle humour.

It’s also a good idea to get recommendations before hiring a British male voiceover artist. Asking friends, family or co-workers about their experience with voice over artists can help you avoid scams and find a talent that is a good fit for your project. It’s also worth asking the britain male voice over artist for demo samples, which will allow you to listen to their work and compare it against your needs.

I provide high-quality native English voice over for radio, apps, web video, tv commercials, corporate narration, wildlife documentary and explainer videos, IVR, on hold messages and dubbing. You can hear my work on THIS Morning, a couple of ITV Meridian commercials for Sussex Beds and the voice of Martichoras in the long-running video game Smite. british male voiceover

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