How to Create Custom Invitations

Custom invitations provide an opportunity to make a statement that sets the tone for your event. They can incorporate your wedding or party’s theme and personality and show that you took the time to create something unique for your guests. In addition to creating the right design, it’s important to think about how you will address your guests’ names, how you will write the time and date, and other details that may affect the overall look of your invitation card.

A well-designed custom invitation should have a full-bleed design, which means that the artwork goes all the way to the edge of the card. This gives it a professional finish and is the best way to avoid white margins. This is usually done by printing a piece of paper slightly larger than the final cut size, and then trimming off the extra, says Griffith. Another way to achieve a clean, professional finish is by using glue dots or double-stick tape, which will keep the edges of your cards smooth and prevent them from lifting.

If you’re not comfortable handling the DIY route, a professional stationer can help. In addition to the customization process, a stationer can also help you select the best paper for your cards and add embellishments like belly bands or vellum overlays. In some cases, a stationer can even help you choose a font and color palette that fits your taste and budget.

While it’s a common myth that custom invitations are only for high-end weddings, many online options offer semi-custom designs at affordable prices. In fact, a lot of couples choose to upgrade semi-custom suites with wax seals and belly bands, for example, to give their cards more of a luxury feel. Etemply

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