How to Replace a Norcold Replacement Cooling Unit

A cooling unit is a key component of an absorption refrigerator. If it fails, the refrigerator corrodes and leaks ammonia. It is a common failure that causes the fridge to smell like rotting food. In most cases, this problem is caused by a build up of calcium and carbonate that prevents the charge solution from reaching the back of the freezer and evaporator. Often, this can be corrected by cleaning the refrigerator’s condenser coil. This article will explain how to do that and a couple of other simple maintenance items to help extend the life of your RV’s refrigeration system.

This is the second time that our Norcold replacement has failed in less than 3 months. Safari RV sold us this RV and we are unable to reach anyone at Norcold for support on a warranty issue. We will not be purchasing a Norcold product again.

To begin, remove the fridge from your rig. It is a good idea to place the refrigerator on a table or blocks, so that it is easier to remove.

Once the refrigerator is removed, take a close look at the mounting screws on the back of the cooler. If there is a lot of corrosion on the mounting screws, clean and degrease them with a rag. This will help to ensure that the new mounting screws will seat properly.

Before installing the new cooling unit, it is important to lay it down so that the boiler assembly is lowest and the evaporator assembly is highest. This will prevent the fluids from running down into the weak solution cavity in the boiler assemble and it will make it easier to install the LP gas igniter. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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