How to Select the Best CBD For Anxiety

CBD is a popular remedy for anxiety symptoms, but there are many factors to consider when selecting the right CBD product. It is important to find a CBD that contains both CBD and a low amount of THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) because THC can exacerbate some anxiety symptoms. Additionally, it is a good idea to try a variety of CBD products and doses to determine the best one for your specific anxiety symptoms and needs. It is also recommended to select a CBD that is organic because pesticides can interfere with the effectiveness of the CBD and may exacerbate your anxiety symptoms.

There is strong preclinical evidence that CBD reduces experimentally induced anxiety in humans, as well as enhancing extinction and blocking reconsolidation of fear memories. It is believed that CBD exerts its anxiolytic effects via CB1Rs and 5-HT1ARs. These results suggest that CBD may be an effective treatment for a number of anxiety disorders, including GAD, SAD, PD, OCD and PTSD.

This tincture from Aspen Green is formulated to help ease anxiety and promote calmness. It features a proprietary blend of CBD and terpenes that work together to soothe the mind, body and spirit. This tincture has a 0% THC content and is made with USDA-certified organic hemp, coconut medium chain triglyceride oil and peppermint essential oil. It is available in four strengths and offers up to 75 mg of CBD per serving. best cbd for anxiety

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