Increase Your Productivity With Telephone Headsets

When most people think of telephone headsets they picture workers in insurance brokers and telemarketing call centres but the reality is that headsets are now being used in many other industries including sales offices, medical clinics, tech companies and even home based businesses. In fact headsets have been shown to increase productivity by up to 41%.

Keeping your hands free allows employees to use their computers, take notes or open drawers to find files while on a phone call which increases efficiency and quality of work. Additionally, by not having to hold a phone receiver between their head and neck they are able to relieve neck and shoulder tension which can lead to pain and stress.

A headset is a great option for employees that need to be on the phone with customers or clients several times per day, especially in high volume call centres. Using a headset also allows them to practice safe ergonomics by not having to hold the phone handset receiver between their head and neck creating strain on muscles in those areas. In fact studies have shown that headsets can reduce neck, shoulders and back tension up to 41 percent.

Some headsets are wireless which means you can roam around your office or home while on a call. However, some headsets require an accessory called a handset lifer or EHS cable which connects to your desk phone so you can answer the call away from the headset. This is because most desk phones do not support Bluetooth and headset manufacturers have to rely on the microphone/speaker controls on the handset to transmit a signal. This is why it’s important that you look for headsets that are compatible with your specific desk phone model.

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