Industrial Fire Water Tanks

In industrial areas, manufacturing plants, and other facilities that house flammable materials and production equipment, fire water tanks provide a reliable water backup in case of an emergency. These tanks are typically used in conjunction with automated fire suppression systems to ensure a quick response from firefighters. They are also an essential component for buildings and construction projects that require compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations.

Fire protection water tanks are specially designed for use in high-risk environments. These storage tanks are made from galvanized steel and are equipped with fire department connections for both the interior and exterior. A fire truck can connect to the sprinkler system directly from the tank, bypassing the fire pump.

These tanks are large in capacity, capable of holding enough water to put out a massive fire blaze. They are also able to withstand direct flames, and the liner material floats, so the water inside remains unaffected by embers and hot air. Fire protection water tanks are easy to integrate with fire suppression systems, making them a great choice for any business or facility that is subject to strict fire safety standards.

In addition to their fire fighting capabilities, these tanks can be used to supply irrigation systems and domestic water supplies. Aquamate’s tank riser drain allows you to collect rainwater for these other purposes without depleting the reserve water volume. This means you can take advantage of your fire tank’s volume for wildfire prevention and other uses, saving you money over purchasing a second tank for these other purposes. industrial fire water tanks

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