Insulation Cutting Machine

Cutting insulation materials manually is a time consuming and costly process. It also exposes workers to blades that could cause injury. Using an insulation cutting machine is more efficient, reduces waste and improves accuracy. It can also be used to cut a wide range of shapes, making it more flexible than the alternative manual methods of cutting.

The Polycut machine uses a fixed knife blade so no dust is created during the cutting process. This is a big advantage over the alternative method of cutting using a wall saw, which creates considerable amounts of dust and swarf that requires the operator to wear PPE.

With a high pressure vacuum bed and sacrificial stops, the machine holds the insulation sheets securely during the cutting process. This minimises the movement of the sheets and ensures accurate positioning. A computerised system also produces labels for offcuts that need to be retained. These can include the job reference, panel dimensions and customer data.

AOL insulation cutting machine can be used to cut a variety of different materials, such as rock wool board, glass fibre cotton and polyester fiberboard. It can also cut special-shaped patterns, such as triangles and pentagons. This makes it a versatile option for companies in the petrochemical, electrical and light industry industries.

AOL’s Fastwire machines use an abrasive wire that is controlled by a computer numeric control system, known as CNC. This increases the cutting speed by a factor of two. This allows for more cuts to be made in the same amount of time, which means greater productivity.

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