Kernel Data InPage Error in Windows – Simple Methods to Fix

Blue screen of death error is one of the most dangerous errors you can encounter on your computer. It occurs when your computer encounters a hardware problem that it cannot recover. This error is similar to other blue screen errors and can cause your computer to crash. Following this error, your computer usually restarts and stops working. The most common reason behind this error has been found to be a hardware failure. If the error is not fixed, it could result in permanent data loss. If you have any Windows problems, you must be familiar with this error. This article will show you 7 ways to fix this error in Windows.

7 Methods to Fix Kernel Data InPage Error in Windows

Here are the following seven ways to fix the kernel data in-page error in windows.

  1. Check RAM

The most common cause of kernel data inpage errors has been found to be a hardware failure. In particular, this occurs when the RAM fails. Therefore, it is important to check each RAM module individually to ensure that they are properly seated. If you prefer, you can scan your memory with the integrated memory diagnostic tool in Windows.

  1. Check Hard drive

The kernel data inpage error can also be caused by hard drive problems, similar to RAM problems. Users have reported that this error can sometimes be resolved by simply removing and reinserting the hard drive. To determine if the problem has been resolved, replace it. Also, pay attention to the SATA cables, and ensure they are securely attached.

  1. Remove Peripheral Devices

The recent addition of a peripheral device might be the cause of kernel data inpage error. As such, make sure you have not added any unnecessary peripheral devices recently. In addition, you might want to consider removing one device at a time and turning on your computer. Once the computer starts, you can figure out which device is malfunctioning.

  1. Perform Malware Scan

An infection by a virus may also cause kernel data inpage errors under rare circumstances: viruses damage program files and system files. Using a reputable antivirus tool, you can scan the computer for infected files and remove them. Alternatively, you can use the built-in Windows Defender protection.

  1. Uninstall Apps

You may not be able to run all the software applications on your system. An incompatible installation may also cause this error. Additionally, pirated third-party software can also cause this error. You should uninstall all unknown applications, in this case, to determine whether the error has been fixed.

  • Downloads How to Fix:
  • Click the button below to download the latest version of the application.
  • Once downloaded, double-click the file to start the setup.
  • Follow the prompts to install the program. Note: If you’re unable to download the file, please try the following link.
  1. Update Drivers

The outdated drivers can also cause kernel data inpage errors. In cases where the problem occurs frequently, the driver may actually blame. This can only be resolved by updating the driver. Manufacturers’ websites offer the latest drivers, so don’t hesitate to visit them. There are also dedicated tools available for updating them automatically.

  1. Restore BIOS

Kernel data inpage errors can also be caused by incorrect BIOS settings. If any changes have been made, you can check the BIOS settings. First, however, you need to restore the BIOS to factory default settings in order to prevent this error from occurring again.

  • To restore the BIOS to factory default settings:
  • Insert your bootable CD or DVD into the drive and start your computer.
  • Select your boot device (usually the first hard disk) from the boot menu.
  • When the BIOS boots, press F2 for the advanced options menu.

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