Kiddush Fountain – A Beautiful Way to Elevate Your Shabbat and Yom Tov Meals

A Kiddush Fountain is a beautiful way to elevate your Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. It creates a moment of awe and delight for your guests to see the wine pour from the large cup over which the blessing is recited into each individual cup. Children and those young at heart will always find themselves smiling as they witness this special ritual.

This gorgeous Kiddush fountain features a large cup over which the blessing is recited and eight smaller cups for each guest at your table. The large cup is decorated with images of Jerusalem which will undoubtedly add a welcome touch of Jerusalem and the Holy Land to your table. This set is also available in a silver-plated version.

Kiddush cups are an essential piece of Judaica for every Jewish home. These are used to hold the grape juice or wine (or a non-alcoholic substitute) that is blessed before the start of Sabbath and the holidays. In ancient times, Jews would typically use a special high-quality red wine, which is still the most common choice today. While it is possible to say the blessing over other types of liquids, such as apple juice, chamar medina (other alcoholic drinks), and even whisky, the tradition has long been to use kosher wine for Kiddush.

There are many different Kiddush cups on the market, made of various materials, with a wide range of decorative elements. Some are simply adorned with fruit, such as a clutch of grapes or pomegranates, and others might have birds or creatures decorating them. Some have initials or titles engraved on them, or might depict scenes from the Bible, such as a cityscape or a synagogue.

The most popular and recognizable type of Kiddush cup is the one that is designed to look like an ancient goblet. These are often made of silver, gold, or other precious metals, and can be very ornately adorned with intricate designs and decorations. Other styles of Kiddush cups are made out of porcelain or pewter earthenware, and may be simpler in design. These are often more affordable, but still very attractive.

Historically, the wine that is used for Kiddush was poured from a large cup and then passed around the table in small matching cups. Because of this, the large cup had to be carefully placed on a plate or tray that could catch any spills, because wine is very messy! The invention of the Kiddush fountain was a brilliant innovation that allowed for a more streamlined and hygienic solution to this problem. Wine is poured into the central cup and then flows through a series of small canals into a set of smaller matching cups that are standing in a circle around the central fountain. The entire setup looks a bit like a mini-Willy Wonka factory!

A Kiddush fountain can make for a beautiful centerpiece at any table. It is easy to clean, and the cups are very functional, allowing your family and friends to enjoy the wine during Shabbat and the Holidays with minimal fuss and bother. In addition, these are an excellent gift idea for any occasion, including weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

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