League of Legends Lecture

League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular video games and eSports, bringing together a large community of players, a competitive ranked system to test your skills against thousands of others, and an ever-expanding roster of champions to play and master. Yet, despite its massive popularity and success, the game can also be daunting to learn.

It is not unlike other complex and demanding activities such as sports or chess, where the first step to becoming good at them is to learn the fundamentals: how pieces move, the basic rules of the game, and strategies to win. Yet, it can seem difficult to get started improving at League when there is so much to learn: the intricacies of different roles, the nuances of the game’s mechanics, and the many ways to improve your KDA.

In this course, we will explore these fundamentals and more in the context of a series of case studies that are both empirical and theoretical. Through this, we will gain insights into the way that League of Legends is designed and played and how the game can be improved upon. 롤대리

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