Microsoft Elements GP Autoposting Server – Outline


Microsoft Extraordinary Fields has pleasant online business web improvement instrument: eConnect. This module permits you to program deals request handling orders, solicitations, pick stock things, and even add clients (here we are not considering the other eConnect highlights – POP, Finance, GL, and so forth.). Some consternation occurs with improvement group when they at long last understand that eConnect permits them to make work solicitations and spot them in the bunch, yet clump programmed posting from online business application is quite the range of eConnect. This is really design limitation of Microsoft Elements GP, previous Incredible Fields Elements Smoothness: work archives should be audited by GP administrator and physically posted through GP interface. These realities had Alba Range engineers to develop autoposting server, which uses GP workstation with altered rationale to post bunches, hailed for posting by internet business application. Internet business engineer normally work with Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB.Net and doesn’t have to be aware and program dex scripts. How can it work:

o Cluster Posting Cycle in GP. Autoposting waiter checks cluster status table at regular intervals. Assuming it finds bunch endorsed for posting, it starts inner Finesse cycle to post group microsoft 365 business basic. Posting Server uses dex rationale as, is entirely dependable in posting business rationale approval. Bunch status table is important for custom rationale and you as internet business designer ought to incorporate the group record into this table to allow it to be posted

o Extra GP authorizing. Posting server ought to be introduced on remain solitary GP workstation, which ought to be dependably on, and be handling web based business orders really 24×7/365.

o Deals report portion. In the event that you are working with eConnect, you likely don’t contemplate this stock things distribution question, but your bookkeeping partner might rise this inquiry to you. Simply relax, eConnect approves GP rationale and as being written in SQL Put away Strategies, it repeats GP Ability rationale, including request line portion

o Expertise excurse. This is center of GP, on the off chance that you contemplate DYNAMICS.DIC – this is business rationale and tables structure word reference, which is being utilized by dex.exe – this is Finesse application document. To go further in dex understanding, kindly audit Dynamics.set record to examine which items you use for your organization and your dex.ini document to figure out your aptitude settings. One of the additional tips – assuming that you want to resynchronize your GP workstation with new or changed GP accounts division you ought to adjust dex.ini line: change Synchronize=FALSE to Synchronize=TRUE

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