Modern Style Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to modern style kitchen cabinets, flat shapes and simple lines are key. But that doesn’t mean your doors and drawers can’t incorporate any design details to make the look your own. Decorative elements like craft wire-mesh door inserts, or even simple silver hardware can add just the right touch to create a modern kitchen aesthetic.

For a modern kitchen that’s a little less traditional, try choosing cabinetry constructed from a natural material with a rich texture. For example, this kitchen by designer Emil Dervish features a stunning wood statement hood and upper cabinets made of eucalyptus. Lightly stained wood cabinetry adds a clean, contemporary finish to the kitchen with the added bonus of bringing in some natural warmth.

Another option to consider when choosing a modern style for your cabinetry is frameless construction. This style removes the face frames that are commonly used on framed cabinets so you can achieve a completely smooth and streamlined appearance without any visual distractions.

If you want a bit of color in your kitchen to complement your wall colors, try selecting cabinetry in a muted hue such as olive or sage green. Or, if you’re feeling bold, a dark navy blue is sure to stand out against your walls.

For a truly modern touch, eliminate the need for handle pulls altogether by implementing push-to-open cabinetry. This European-inspired innovation is built into the cabinet box and uses concealed hardware to give you a sleek appearance. modern style kitchen cabinets

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