Montreal Home Care

Montreal home care gives seniors and elderly individuals the chance to live comfortably at home while getting regular help with tasks like shopping, cooking, housekeeping, bathing and grooming. Home care can also include assistance with medication, mobility and health monitoring, or even respite care if needed. Seniors and their families can choose from a range of services based on the needs of the person, and cost is usually based on an hourly rate with some agencies offering a set price for weekly home care services.

The Canadian government offers some tax benefits to help seniors pay for home care. These include the “Independent Living Tax Credit” which covers equipment to adapt a home, or a short-term stay in a rehabilitation hospital before returning home, and the “Family Caregiver Amount Tax Credit” for those who support a family member with a permanent physical or mental impairment. Other provincial tax credits are available to help offset the costs of home care, such as the “Severe and Prolonged Impairment in Physical or Mental Health Functions” tax credit which helps pay for home care services.

As the number of seniors grows, more people will require help to stay in their homes. In some cases, families will hire a private caregiver to help with these everyday activities, although this can be expensive. The management team at the home care agency will ensure that the schedule is covered, train new caregivers before they begin working and offer ongoing guidance to their staff.

Homecare workers are paid a reduced hourly rate and can be hired directly through a social economy business approved by the Ministere de la Sante et des Services sociaux (department of health). The Regie d’assurance maladie du Quebec (health insurance board) also offers grants through its “Financial Assistance Program for Domestic Help Services” to help seniors pay for home care.

In addition to these services, seniors can also move into a residential care facility where they will be assisted with their daily needs and be given access to other amenities, such as a gym and a dining room. Residents may be able to have pets and can choose from private rooms or shared spaces. There are a variety of residential care homes, including those that provide specialized care for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The costs of retirement living options vary significantly, and many seniors and their families will need to calculate the full cost of home care before making a final decision. To help with this, you can use our online calculator to determine how much home care costs in Montreal. You can also compare the prices of other retirement living options by using our advanced search. You can select the level of care you require and add additional features to your search to get a more accurate idea of how much each option will cost. You can then filter your results to compare prices and find the best option for you.

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