Mushroom Grow Kits

Mushroom grow kits have long been a favorite of hippies and psychonauts, but these days they’re also popular with housewives, students and other consumers who want to get more fresh mushrooms into their diet. In addition to a savory flavor, these fungal fruits are high in protein and offer health benefits such as increased energy and lower cholesterol.

Depending on the kit, some are self-contained and require no other materials or tools to use; simply open the package and watch as growth occurs. Others have a bit more hands-on approach with prepackaged, sterilized substrates and inoculated grain spawn that you mix yourself, and then mist on a daily basis over an eight-week period. Some will produce one “flush” (harvest) of mushrooms, while others can deliver multiple crops over time.

When choosing a mushroom growing kit, you’ll also need to consider whether you want to grow them for the kitchen or other purposes. Some will work in a dark cabinet or closet, while others may need more sunlight and higher humidity to thrive.

A few of the more advanced kits include monotubs that allow you to cultivate a single mushroom crop over and over again without having to re-inoculate or add new substrate each time. They’re also great for consumers who want to experiment with microdosing, or the practice of taking small doses of psychedelics for mental wellbeing and creative inspiration. The best mushroom grow kits offer clear instructions and benchmarks to help users understand when the product is ready to harvest, as well as ways to adjust growing conditions based on temperature, humidity or other factors. The company Hodgins Harvest does a good job of this, with detailed instructions and video tutorials.

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