Omega Watch Repair London

A high-quality watch needs to be refurbished and serviced regularly to keep it in top condition. Omega watches are the perfect example of this – these exquisite timepieces require expert craftsmanship and specialist tools in order to repair them and restore their beauty. The good news is that you don’t have to take your watch back to the retailer or manufacturer in order to get this work done. Instead, there are many third party specialists who can offer professional Omega watch repair london at competitive prices.

A well-established Omega repair company can provide a wide range of services for the brand, including battery replacement, cleaning and water testing. They can also replace the case, bracelet and crown if necessary. They are experts in the field and will treat your watch with the utmost care and attention. They will also ensure that the new parts are of the highest quality and will guarantee their work for up to 18 months.

The origin of the world famous Omega brand began in 1848 when Louis Brandt established his workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. He specialised in assembling key-wound pocket watches from parts he bought from local craftsmen and sold them throughout Italy, Scandinavia, and England. By the end of the century, the brand had become known as the leading supplier of precision instruments, and was recognised worldwide for its quality and innovation.

In 1999, Omega unveiled the world’s first mass-produced watch movement that used co-axial technology to reduce friction between impulse surfaces. This breakthrough eliminated the need for lubrication, and increased accuracy over time. It also reduced the amount of energy required to operate the movement, which in turn extended battery life.

Today, Omega watches are worn on the moon, in space, at the Olympics and by famous people such as Buzz Aldrin and James Bond. In addition, their precise engineering and elegant designs have made them a highly popular choice for both men and women.

When considering an Omega repair company, it’s important to ask about their experience and accreditation. A well-established watchmaker should have experience working on different watches, and should be accredited by a number of brands. Accreditation is important because it allows watchmakers to gain access to the instructions, parts and equipment they need to do their job properly.

A good Omega repair service should also have the proper equipment, such as a polishing machine for smoothing and restoring the watch to its original showroom finish. They should also have a cleaning machine to ultrasonically clean individual watch components, and a pressure testing machine that can test the water resistance of the watch to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is particularly important for watches that are frequently worn in the ocean or during sports, as moisture penetration can cost owners a substantial amount of money in repairs and replacements. Keeping your watch in great condition by having it serviced by a reputable Omega repair company will ensure that you’re wearing a quality timepiece for years to come.

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