PGDL (Postgraduate Diploma in Law)

For many non-law grads who want to become solicitors or barristers, the PGDL (Postgraduate Diploma in Law) is a vital first step. Often referred to as the GDL or Law Conversion Course, it shows that you’re committed to a career in the law and can take on the legal challenges ahead. It’s also worth noting that completing the PGDL can increase your chances of getting a job, especially if you haven’t secured a training contract or pupillage yet.

Generally, a minimum of 2:2 is needed to apply for the PGDL. However, if you have a strong personal statement and an impressive academic background, some law firms may be willing to consider those with a lower grade. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to try to achieve a distinction as this will give you a head-start over those who didn’t.

Most PGDL courses are delivered in a classroom environment, so you can expect to have mock exams halfway through each term and then summative exams at the end of each term (preceded by a revision break). The course will be intensive and requires a lot of work. You’ll have to manage your time effectively and be prepared to sacrifice weekends in order to keep up. It’s possible to study the PGDL whilst working part-time, but this will be a challenge as you’ll be taking on extra work. The cost of a PGDL can be significant, especially in London, so make sure you can afford the fees before you apply. PGDL

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