Real Estate Drone Photography Techniques

real estate drone photography offers a unique perspective of homes and commercial properties that traditional photos just can’t offer. It’s a valuable tool to help realtors stand out from their competitors.

However, it’s important to remember that not all drones are created equal. It’s important to hire a drone pilot with experience flying and shooting aerial real estate photography.

1. Panoramic

Aerial panorama shots are a great real estate drone photography technique because they allow you to show off the beauty of a property’s surrounding area. They can also be used to highlight a view, architectural design, or any other aspect that might make your listing stand out from the competition.

A good real estate drone photographer will take the time to scout the area before taking any panoramic shots. This allows them to look for any potential views that could be a winner and will help them get the most out of their time with the client.

Whether the real estate agent is selling a home in a peaceful neighborhood, a historic city block, or a lakefront community, they’ll use drone footage to showcase the area. This can give clients a feel for what the local lifestyle is like and can be a major selling point for the property.

Aerial panoramas are often the first images that real estate agents show their clients, so it’s important that they are made well. They should be aligned with the composition guideline known as the rule of thirds and should have a symmetrical balance. This way, the photos will look professional and will attract attention. Aerial panoramas can also be combined with other real estate drone photography techniques like approach shots, orbits, and blast offs to create a virtual tour that will be a hit on social media.

2. Wide Angle

One of the best real estate drone photography techniques involves using a wide angle to show off a property’s features. This is a great way to showcase landscaping, pools, and walkways. It also helps potential buyers get a sense of the property’s size and scope.

Another popular drone shot is a forward reveal. This technique starts out wide and then slowly reveals the property before fading away into a flyover. This is a great option if the property is surrounded by trees or other obstacles that might block your view.

Finally, don’t forget to shoot some sweeping shots. This is a great option for properties that are located on an expansive piece of land, and it allows you to highlight the landscape and its features.

A high-quality drone video can be the difference between a buyer passing up your property or asking for more information about it. Make sure to use a professional who is experienced in taking these types of photos. Ask them for examples of previous work and pay close attention to how they use their camera. This will help you decide if their services are right for your luxury property.

3. Close Up

A real estate drone photo that features a close-up shot of the property’s landscape is a great way to sell a location. Area descriptions that used to be tucked away at the end of a listing’s remarks section can now be prominently featured with the help of this photo style. This makes it easy for online buyers to learn more about the property and its surroundings, reducing their time spent reading through MLS listing descriptions.

This real estate drone photography technique is perfect for showing the size of a property’s lot and its proximity to nearby parks, shopping centers, schools, and other attractions. It also helps show the property’s proximity to highways and public transportation routes, which can be important factors in a buyer’s decision-making process.

Drone photos can also capture the full extent of a property’s amenities, including its pool, waterfront view, or golf course. With the help of editing software, you can even add a location marker to identify key landmarks in the surrounding area.

Whether you’re a lone realtor or part of an agent agency, using drone photography in your listings can help you stand out from the competition. By capturing breathtaking aerial shots, you can leave a lasting impression on potential home buyers and position yourself as a unique and creative photographer.

4. Orbit

When a real estate photographer uses an orbital drone shot, it allows them to show the property from different angles. They can highlight key features and also capture the surrounding area. This is a great way to show potential buyers what they’ll get for their money when they buy the property.

A good real estate photographer will know how to use the rule of thirds when it comes to composing images. They’ll also make sure to avoid any unnecessary objects in their shots. This is because drone shots usually capture shared spaces, such as streets or parks, so there will likely be people walking around.

A beautiful and compelling drone photo is a must for any real estate listing, especially if it’s a luxury property. It can help to add a sense of drama and scale to the property, which can be helpful for buyers who are looking for something large. By using a combination of drone photos and ground-based images, a real estate photographer can create a truly stunning listing that will stand out from the rest.

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