Real-Time Utility Monitoring Delivers Key Advantages for Energy Providers and Customers

Real-time utility monitoring delivers key advantages for energy providers and customers. The solution helps them to improve grid reliability and quickly address disruptions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. It also enables them to optimize resource utilization, thereby cutting costs and boosting efficiency.

With a comprehensive real-time tracking system in place, businesses can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. This helps them save money on energy bills, reduce carbon footprint and lay the foundation for future advancements.

In the past, facility managers had to rely on manual methods of gathering data from their utility meters. This often involved manually interpreting readings and charts to detect abnormal usage patterns. Now, smart technology makes this process much easier. Advanced real-time tracking systems use current transformer (CT) meters to measure power in individual circuits, and display them on a web interface in real time. The software can alert you to unexpected equipment usage, spikes in demand charges, loss of renewable energy production and more.

By integrating physical and cybersecurity, real-time tracking solutions help reduce energy waste. They can monitor every access attempt and thwart break-ins, breaches, theft and vandalism by triggering alarms in less than a second. This can also be used to prevent unauthorized users from using a building or machine. Unsupervised AI-based machine learning algorithms can “learn” the behavior of remote machines and equipment, enabling them to predict whether a breach or theft is occurring. The result is a risk score for each access attempt that can be used to determine the level of permissions that will be granted to each user. real-time utility monitoring

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