The Benefits of HVac Preventive Maintenance

A well-functioning HVAC system is key to a comfortable indoor environment and lower energy costs. It is also critical to occupant safety and property protection. Malfunctioning equipment can create fire hazards, and unregulated carbon monoxide poisoning is an ever-present threat. Keeping up with regular maintenance, especially replacing air filters and cleaning vents and ductwork, will reduce the potential for such problems.

Preventing Costly Breakdowns
The most obvious benefit of HVac preventive maintenance is the avoidance of expensive breakdowns and repairs. It is very costly to pay for a new furnace, air conditioner or heat pump if your system breaks down and is not properly maintained. The expense of a repair or replacement is often multiplied by the length of time that the HVAC system has been out of commission. A recent study conducted by Pacific Partners found that deferred maintenance can cost 10 times as much as a proactive maintenance program.

Reducing Energy Consumption
A well-maintained HVAC system is more efficient, requiring less power to operate. This translates to reduced energy bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting the Building and its Occupants
Getting on a schedule for routine HVAC preventive maintenance allows facility managers and maintenance professionals to budget for it. In addition, the ability to track everything on a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) provides an audit trail that is crucial for compliance with regulations regarding indoor air quality and energy efficiency. The CMMS can also help with enforcing a policy regarding adherence to warranty requirements.

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