The Importance of an Employee Communication App

An employee communication app is an ideal – if not indispensable – tool for connecting employees in today’s workplace. This is especially true when you have desk-less employees or workers in multiple locations.

Streamlined content and an engaging user experience. Provide essential company information in one place, with an easy-to-update library. Instant messaging keeps people connected, and a searchable People directory and user-updatable Discussions help them find the answers they need.

Easy to use

The app should be easy to use for employees. It should be accessible on all devices, from desktop computers to tablets. It should also be free to download and use, with company-wide distribution and no need for employees to pay for personal data charges on their own devices. In addition, the app should have features that help employees connect with one another. This includes social networking tools, instant messaging, and workflow management tools.

Effective employee communications are the key to a productive, engaged workforce. However, if you’re still relying on overflowing email inboxes or outdated intranets, it can be hard to reach your team.

Haiilo is an employee communication app that offers targeted multi-channel communications so you can reach employees on their terms and keep them informed. Features include a searchable People Directory, a user-updatable Library that organizes important files and assets, and instant-message Discussions to keep project teams on the same page. The app is also easy to customize to your organization’s brand.

Easy to customize

Inefficient staff communication can lead to important information slipping through the cracks and creating misunderstandings among employees. Personalized employee communications apps like Haiilo (formerly known as Smarp) can help improve your internal communication processes by delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. They offer a variety of features to streamline your workflow and help you deliver meaningful content that engages your team.

For example, if you need to send an urgent message to a large group of employees, you can use the app to deliver it in real-time. This enables you to reach everyone, even deskless workers, more quickly than traditional methods.

You can also use the employee communications app to share updates on company news and events. This kind of content will increase employee engagement and build trust in the organization. Make sure to include visuals, as these are more engaging than the written word. Similarly, you can share employee surveys and polls on the app to get your employees’ feedback.

Easy to distribute

While email and chat tools are useful, they are not designed to distribute news and updates at scale. An employee communication app, on the other hand, can easily reach employees in a very short time and engage them with its two-way communications channels.

The app can be distributed via an existing app store account, which is familiar to employees, or can be rolled out over an MDM platform for all enrolled devices. This is a risk-free distribution method and ensures that all employees have the app installed. It also allows for automatic updates, reducing the workload of HR and communications teams.

Effective communication in the workplace requires a two-way channel, and an internal employee communication app can provide this with its free-flowing feedback channels and interactive posts. This enables employees to choose the information that is relevant to them, and can replace in-house journals and bulletin boards. The app can also provide a private in-app social feed for each team or community, allowing them to schedule meetings or post about their latest success.

Easy to track

An employee communication app is a powerful tool for tracking engagement and making data-driven decisions. It can help companies stay connected and engaged with employees, improving productivity and morale. It can also help managers identify and address issues quickly.

Unlike email and chat tools, an employee communications app allows for top-down messages to be shared at scale and in real-time. It can also enable two-way communication, which is crucial for boosting team productivity. In addition, the apps offer customization options and a wide range of features that improve the user experience.

In a world where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, an employee communications app is the most efficient way to communicate with your team. It also helps you cut down on inbox clutter and make sure that frontline workers are included in the conversation. It can also be used to share company news and updates instantly, boosting employee engagement. It is also an excellent tool for fostering a culture of transparency and openness.

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