Top 5 Coffee Shops in the Netherlands

Coffee shops in the Netherlands are popular among locals and tourists alike. They offer a safe, relaxed environment to smoke cannabis and to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Many of them also offer a range of snacks, merch card decks to play with friends, and other entertainment. Some are even known to host free horoscope readings, acoustic concerts and exhibitions.

The Dutch government tolerates the sale of cannabis in coffeeshops. However, the cannabis sold in these establishments must be of high quality and it is illegal to bring children into them. The Dutch police carry out regular raids of these establishments.

Despite these restrictions, the coffeeshops in the Netherlands remain popular and there are many to choose from. Some are dazzlingly decorated while others embrace classy speakeasy vibes.

This pretty shop is located on the Brouwersgracht and has an open, welcoming atmosphere that attracts both locals and tourists. They are famous for their merch cards and space cakes and they serve great coffee too!

Another renowned coffeeshop in Amsterdam, this one is situated on the Oude Leliestraat and is just a short walk northwest across the Singel canal from the Royal Palace. It has a quirky, arty feel and is home to friendly staff who know their products well. They can help you find the perfect strain to fit your mood and are happy to answer any questions.

This is a beautiful, modern establishment with a lounge area on the first floor. It’s filled with natural light and is elegantly furnished in wood and marble. It’s a favourite of the ‘in-the-know’ crowd, especially for their selection of world-class landrace strains and high-end accessories such as glassware and grinders.

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