Video Editor SDK

Video Editor SDK empowers users to create professional looking videos with ease. It provides an intuitive UI, extensive filter gallery, advanced adjustment tools and crops for social aspect ratios to help your users make their videos pop.

Easily speed up your mobile application development or increase engagement in a released app by adding professional video editing features to your app’s content management system. Whether you’re building social media clones, streamlining marketing campaign creation, upgrading cloud storage editing tools or boosting brand performance, ComVideoKit delivers the perfect video experience in no time.

Enhance the video editing experience with a wide range of filters, effects and animation stickers. Including radial, mirrored and gaussian blur, filters let you control the mood and atmosphere of your videos. Add frames and overlays to arrange multiple clips on the timeline and choose from a variety of blend modes.

Quickly edit videos with a single tap and a powerful set of cropping, flipping and rotating operations. With preset crop ratios and common social media formats, you can quickly transform your content into the right format for sharing online.

A variety of handy tools like Stickers, Frames and Overlays are also available to spice up your videos for social media posts and boost the impact of your content. The Brush tool allows different strokes, width, hardness and color to be drawn to enhance the overall impact of your videos.

Get Started with a Simple UI and Fast Track to Market

Powered by Metal API for iOS/Mac, DirectX12 for Windows and OpenGL ES 3.2 for Android, Pixel SDK offers developers full autonomy to customize the video editor UI to match their brand image and functionality. It caters to the demands of most developers, and enables them to create unique user experiences that accelerate their time to market and strengthen their brand.

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