Vintage Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are treasured worldwide for their aesthetic, fine craftsmanship and cultural significance. These rugs are imbued with meaning and tradition through the use of geometrical motifs and patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each rug is unique, a work of art requiring unmatched artistry and skill that elevates the carpet weaving craft into an art form.

The rugs in our collection are vintage Persian rugs, woven between 140 and over 200 years ago. They represent the height of the Second Golden Age of Persian weaving and are a rare example of fluid design and exotic use of nuanced color that creates beautiful balance and harmony. They are masterpieces woven by weavers who were free from market influence and allowed to creatively express themselves.

To distinguish a true antique rug from a modern or semi-antique one, it is important to consider where the rug was made, as well as its age. An antique rug will be a handmade piece, often on simple types of wooden looms. It will show visible imperfections on both the front and back of the rug because it was hand-woven rather than woven on machines. A true Persian rug will also have a fringe that is formed as part of the rug, unlike modern or semi-antique rugs.

Antique Persian rugs are also distinguished by their use of natural dyes, which varies according to the region and time. The colors red, gold, blue, brown, and orange symbolize a variety of things including power, wealth, courage, luck, spring, and faith.

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