Voiceovers.uk – The Best Places to Find Voice Over Talent

The UK is home to many world-class voice actors. Our talent roster includes experienced native UK voice actors with a wide variety of British dialects and Received Pronunciation (RP). We make it easy to find and hire the perfect British voice for your project. Auditioning UK voice over talent is fast and free, and you work directly with your chosen actor to get the recording just right – no middleman hassle. We offer Union and non-Union rates, and our contracts are clear and straightforward.

Whether your project requires an authoritative corporate read, a calm and informative educational audiobook, or an approachable and friendly customer service voice over, we’ve got you covered with the best in UK voice talent. From chirpy, bright, and bubbly to deeper mature, rich and resonant voices, we’ve got a vast range of British voice actors that are able to capture the perfect tone for your project.

Discover our top five UK cities for voiceover talent, browse samples, and book a UK voice actor for your next project. We offer Union and non-Union rates, simple contracts and a secure payment system that holds your money until you’re happy with the recordings. So grab a cuppa and explore our incredible roster of professional British voiceover talent. voiceovers.uk

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