What Are Link Shorteners?

URL shorteners are powerful tools for digital marketers that allow users to share links that are shorter, more eye-catching, and easier to manage. While the basic function of a link shortener is simple, many services offer additional features that increase brand visibility and support business goals in various areas such as analytics, content management, and social media marketing.

When a user enters a long URL into a shortener service, the unique identifier is replaced with an alternative address that points to the original destination in its database. When a person clicks on the shortened URL, the service automatically redirects them to the original destination.

The best URL shorteners come with a variety of useful features, including customizable link slugs, custom domain name support, and QR code support. Some also offer analytics reports with metrics such as total number of clicks, time chart of clicks over a period of time, and a map showing where the most clicks came from. The most affordable options are often free to use, while premium plans offer more comprehensive features and analytics support.

A few of the most popular URL shorteners include Bitly, Rebrandly, and GoLinks. These sites feature advanced analytics, including clicks, shares, and conversions, as well as other features that help businesses measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. They also have a robust API that allows you to integrate with other platforms and tools such as CMS and CRM systems. Some of the more comprehensive platforms offer additional features such as multi-user accounts, two-factor authentication, and secure URLs. link shorteners

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