What to Look for in an IVF Clinic

The best IVF clinics take a holistic approach to fertility care. They offer comprehensive packages of treatment that include blood work, ultrasounds and other diagnostic tests. They also have a nurse practitioner available to handle many of the day-to-day tasks that need to be done during the process, and they have physicians available to answer your questions.

They are transparent about the costs of your IVF treatment and have clear policies on how you’ll be reimbursed if you get pregnant but don’t carry through with a successful pregnancy. They’ll tell you their success rates based on factors like your age and ovarian reserve, the quality of sperm in your partner or a donor, and any medical issues.

The fertility specialist you work with will recommend the most cost-effective treatment plan for you. She may advise you to try a single cycle of IVF first, or she might suggest you do two or three cycles. Some IVF treatments require multiple eggs to be fertilized, so you might want to use donated sperm or embryos instead of your own.

Other IVF options might include using a friend or family member to donate an egg (called known donors). There’s a separate fee for this service, and you’ll also pay the gestational carrier for her medical expenses and any agency fees. If you decide to go with a known egg donor, a genetic counselor can help you understand the legal issues involved. Using a gestational carrier can increase your chances of getting pregnant, but it can also raise your risk for complications such as miscarriage.

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