What Type of Fire Pump Do You Need?

A fire pump is one of the most important components of any water-based fire protection system. It increases water pressure to supply the hydraulic design requirements of the sprinkler system, helping it reach every corner of a building or expansive space. Fire pumps also help to ensure the sprinkler system is protected from any potential damage caused by excessive water flow or pressure that could harm the fire safety system.

The type of fire pump you need is determined by several factors, including the potential for a fire hazard, available water sources and whether or not your department has the ability to use a portable pump. Additionally, the type of nozzles and hose size you require will influence your choice. Finally, you may need a low or high pressure fire pump or even both.

Our inventory includes a wide range of options for every type of application. For example, our large portable fire pump feature powerful engines that are built to withstand the rugged conditions of wildland firefighting, as well as many other applications. These pumps have a maximum pressure of 220-375 psi and maximum flows of 110-155 US GPM.

If you are looking for a more compact option, our lightweight category portable fire pumps are a great choice. These pumps are designed for smoke jumpers, interagency hot shot crews and for wild land, home & cottage protection. They are easy to start and feature a centrifugal clutch making them very low maintenance.

A key feature of our portable fire fighting water pump is that it can be operated directly from the trailer to reduce manual handling and speed up operation times. The trailer is capable of accommodating any Angus Fire portable fire pump and comes equipped with 4 lengths of suction hose and a full range of delivery nozzles.

Regardless of the type of fire pump you need, it is important to maintain it correctly to avoid any issues with the sprinkler system. You should perform weekly inspections to make sure the fire pump is in good condition and all equipment is functioning properly. Additionally, you should test the fire pump on a monthly basis and annually as per NFPA 25 standards.

If you are searching for a quality fire fighting pump to complete your fire suppression system, look no further than the selection at Feld Fire. Browse our selection today to find the perfect device for your needs!

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