Electronic Analytical Balance Price

An electronic analytical balance price can help you measure the mass of your samples with extreme accuracy. It’s ideal for high-precision applications such as density determination, formulation and differential weighing. It can also help reduce sources of error or interference that may negatively impact meticulous weighing processes. This makes it an indispensable tool in professional laboratories, especially within chemical, food, pharmaceutical and research industries.

METTLER TOLEDO’s ME-T series analytical lab balances offer essential functionality and solid performance to support your lab’s most sensitive yet routine weighing applications. They are built with a rugged metal base, smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and designed to stand up to the challenges of daily use. The internal calibration model ensures optimum results for your lab while reducing the risk of costly errors from environmental influences.

Due to their high sensitivity, these lab balances should be used in dedicated areas like a laboratory in order to avoid even the slightest disturbances or breeze that could affect your results. Besides, these weighing instruments should be kept away from magnetic or electromagnetic environments. Nevertheless, these highly-accurate electronic analytical balances are equipped with draft shields to protect the weighing chamber from any external influence.

The MS-TS line of laboratory balances from Mettler Toledo takes the industry standard to a new level. It features huge optimized TFT color touchscreen displays, operable through lab gloves, and a MonoBloc weighing cell with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment. Its rigid die-cast housing increases the longevity of these weighing instruments and improves stability. Among its most impressive features are the MinWeigh function, which keeps the display red until it reaches the pre-programmed minimum weight value, and the leveling guide that automatically guides you through the process. Other smart quality assurance functions like StatusLight, LevelControl and GWP Approved ensure that all conditions for correct weighing are met. electronic analytical balance price

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