Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers

When looking for a hydraulic hose manufacturer to supply your company with the best quality, you need one that has standardizations in place and is ISO certified. This means that the hoses you receive are accurate in terms of working pressure, atmosphere and chemical resistance. A reputable hydraulic hose manufacturer also has experience and knowledge of the application specific specifications you require.

Parker Hannifin Corporation is an international company that produces a wide range of fluid power products and systems, such as hydraulic hoses. They provide a full line of industrial hoses and adaptors, as well as high-performance raceway products that are used by the auto racing industry. They are known for providing durable hoses that can handle high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

Eaton Corporation provides intelligent power management solutions that are designed to help improve people’s lives and protect their environments. Their hoses are available in a variety of materials and sizes, including braided stainless steel. Their hoses meet a number of international standards, and are used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, transportation and injection molding. Eaton’s hose manufacturing facility is located in Van Wert, Ohio.

This hydraulic hose supplier manufactures a full line of thermoplastic and rubber hoses for various applications. They use a two-layer system to create their hoses, which include a layer of thermoplastic material that is separated by a layer of reinforcement made of wire or synthetic fibers. Their heavy-duty hoses can withstand high-pressure and temperature conditions, which makes them popular in hydraulic-powered lift equipment, as well as lubrication lines. Their hoses are also resistant to abrasion and are designed to operate in a vacuum. hydraulic hose manufacturers

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