Girl’s Marvel Ghost Spider Costume

Gwen Stacy aka Spider-Gwen is an interdimensional superhero and she’s always on the hunt for her next big adventure. Help your child become her mighty alter ego with this Marvel Rising Ghost Spider Costume. This three-piece outfit is sure to transform your little one into the interdimensional super hero they dream of becoming.

This Girl’s Marvel Ghost Spider Costume features a high-quality, full-body hooded jumpsuit with attached shoe covers and eye mask. Made from a high-quality polyester, this costume is comfortable and lightweight for play or dress up. It’s also easy to care for, with cold wash and gentle tumble dry instructions.

Known as Spider-Gwen or Spider-Gwen to her friends, Gwen is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. She developed her own spider powers in the Spider Island arc when exposed to Jackal’s chemicals, and later regained them in the Blood Gem arc when she travelled through the Multiverse. Gwen is a smart and sassy teenager with a cocky attitude and a love of music. She is a natural leader, and she has a flair for fashion and style.

In a recent Twitter thread, writer Jason Latour discussed the design process behind creating Spider-Gwen (and her costumes). He explained that the character needed to be bright and bold. She also needed to be something that illustrator Robbi Rodriguez could draw over and over again without tiring.

Gwen’s most famous costume is her spider-webbed spandex suit, which she wore while battling the horde of infected New Yorkers during the Spider Island event. This outfit has short dolman sleeves, a keyhole back and a scoop neckline. Her mask hides her face, and she usually wears her hair in a ponytail. Ghost spider costume

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