Navigating Emotions in Open Relationships

Whether you are transitioning from monogamous to open, or were in an open relationship from the start, the early stages can be challenging. As your relationships evolves, it is helpful to remember the initial reasons you jumped into this open arrangement and stay aligned with those original intentions.

Creating a written agreement can help with this, ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the rules and expectations in your open relationship. Having this on record can help minimize misunderstandings and avoid hurt feelings.

It is important to communicate clearly and regularly about your needs and feelings in your open relationship. Discussing the guidelines of your open relationship, such as who is fair game to hook up with or who your partner is allowed to have deeper emotional connections with, can help to address issues that may arise. Discretion and privacy are also key, so discussing how you will share information about outside relationships is critical.

It is also helpful to take a step back and evaluate the source of any jealousy or insecurity you are experiencing. Jealousy often stems from a feeling of inadequacy or fear of abandonment, so addressing these underlying issues can help to alleviate these negative feelings. Seeking support from a therapist or counselor can be beneficial for this process as well. navigating Emotions in Open Relationships

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