How to Install Pop Up TV Cabinets

Pop up TV cabinets are a new trend in home automation that have exploded in popularity because of their convenience and high-tech look. They allow you to hide a flat panel TV behind furniture so it doesn’t stick out and become an eyesore or block your view of the window. They come in a variety of forms and can be installed at the foot of the bed or at any piece of furniture. They can even be built into an electric fireplace cabinet. There are many different types of TV lift mechanisms but the most common is the “U” design where a tubular motor moves a screen upwards out of a cabinet. There are also “L” designs that operate using a telescopic system of pipes that extend when the electric motor is activated.

The first step is to select a piece of furniture where you want to hide your TV. This piece of furniture needs to be tall enough to cover your TV and should have at least 8” of depth so the TV and lift mechanism can fit back there. Then, you mount the TV lift system behind this piece of furniture and connect it to your television. The whole thing is operated by a remote control that comes with the TV lift purchase and you can use it to raise or lower your TV at the push of a button.

Once you’ve mounted your TV lift system, it’s a good idea to do some fine-tuning with the height settings so that when you raise the television the bottom of the screen is about 3/4” off the floor so it doesn’t touch the cabinet. Then, when you are done watching your TV just press the button on the remote control again to lower it back down into place.

This is a cool home improvement project that doesn’t require any carpentry skills to install and can really enhance the look of your home. It’s a great way to keep your TV hidden when it’s not being used so it’s safe from damage and out of the reach of children who could accidentally knock it down.

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